Beer Tasting Testimonials

“Extremely knowledgeable”

“The London Beer Factory and Indie Ales should be applauded for the excellent event they put together as part of London Beer City.  A beer tasting followed the tour, hosted by Charlie. Once again, it was clear that we were being tutored by someone extremely knowledgeable about the beers on offer.”

by Dan August 19, 2014 on It’s All Happening


“Thoroughly enjoyed the event”

“So I attended the beer and cheese event last night, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The cheese was very good, the beer selection was, in my opinion, better than last time at the White Horse. There were 6 different combinations of beer and French cheese. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the event, looking forward to attending the next one.”
Review by @lambic_andy 14/2/14
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“Enthused and Passionate”

“Kel and I had a great time on Wednesday at the beer tasting! Good fun and really interesting…and nice to see you so enthused and passionate about the subject, makes it all the more interesting! And thank you, Kel has found a beer she actually likes (the Partizan Saison), it’s probably worth buying a lottery ticket tonight…this luck won’t last long.”

Kevin on 25/4/14



“I would recommend all of my friends”

“I attended one of Charlie’s beer tasting and I loved it! Indie Ales is such a cool company I would recommend all of my friends. I loved the beer and the experience itself. Hope to attend one of your tastings again soon”
Review on 11/3/14 from https://pickevent.com/account/reviews/492


“I would highly recommend”

“As a girl more at home with a large glass of vino than any type of ale I attended this event thinking I’d probably only eat the cheese and spit the beer.

How wrong I was! And indeed, in the beer tasting world one doesn’t spit. Charlie, effervescent founder of Indie Ales, did a sterling job at finding an array of beers which brought my taste buds alive. Who knew that stout and mature Comte was such a winning combination!

The event brought together an eclectic group of people, some beer aficionados while others like myself curious to try out something that little bit different.

Both Fabien & Charlie’s passion and energy for their produce really brought the evening to life. It was clear they had put a lot of thought into the different beer/cheese combinations and as such we were treated to a wide variety of tastes.

I hope this is the first of many collaborations for the paring and I would highly recommend to beer and non-beer drinkers alike!”

Review from edibleexperiences.com 14/2/14



Corporate events and popup bars

“Thank you so much again for last night.  It was a great event last night and really beneficial to get people drinking our beer and getting their opinion on it.”

Ed, Founder of London Beer Factory on 21/8/14

“It was really good to add an extra dimension to our networking session. I look forward to working together further in the future”

Hult Business School, London 4/8/14


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