London Beer Tours

You can’t walk down the street in London without passing a pub. Beer is a culture in itself and the traditional English pub is a mainstay of British culture with a rich an interesting history.

What you might not know is that there has been a huge explosion of craft beer in London, turning the city into one of the finest cities to consume a frothy beverage in the world. Local beer is not only fresher and at it tastiest but it also reflects local traditions and uses local ingredients. Luckily, there are over 60 breweries in London (and growing) as well as all plenty of historical pubs and specialist craft beer bars to drink them in! But where to start??

Let me help you discover great local beer and drink like a Londoner! If you think I get excited helping people discover great beer, I get SUPER excited assisting people exploring London and the booming beer scene at the same time! Beer just wouldn’t be the same without sharing the experiences with new people!

Each tour will include a trip to a traditional/historical pub, a brewery visit with the chance to meet the brewer, a craft beer bar and a visit to a specialist beer shop where you can purchase local beer to take away and enjoy at home!

I can’t wait to show you around and share my passion and knowledge of the London beer scene with you.

“London beer, drink like a local” tours are ¬£40, last 3 hours and include all beer. Book here


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