Passion is sometimes an overused term, but a quick thesaurus lookup will bring words like enthusiasm, delight, obsession and infatuation.  These are quite strong words but they do adequately explain why I started my craft beer tasting company Indie Ales.Since picking up a Brew Dog ‘Punk IPA’ at a supermarket ahead of a Super Bowl party in 2011 (mistaking it for an American beer) I have been converted into a full blown beer geek, exploring the world of craft beer and trying to share my interest with others.  This was the beer which made me sit up and realise there are so many incredibly tasty beers in the world which are brewed on a scale which affords flair, passion and creativity.

My beer events are aimed to share my love for of beer with others.  The goal is simple; inspire people to drink the best beer available, help people discover new and exciting brews and enlighten you to fantastic beer and food combinations! After all, life is too short for bland beer.

Check us out on twitter for irticles, updates and random beer inspiration @indieales
My latest tasting events are listed here https://indieales.eventbrite.co.uk
Email at charlie@indieales.com
Don’t be a stranger!

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