London’s looking beautiful in the sun and it will look even better from a rooftop overlooking the city holding a crisp craft beer or refreshing cocktail!

Don’t forget to book your tickets for Rooftop Brewing on 5th July, the first release tickets have already SOLD OUT.  Think views over London, street food, live DJ’s, glorious sunshine and a big screen for the footy.  As Bar Chick put it… ‘this is going to go off like a Pitbull video’! Oh and did we mention hot tubs… we’ve got those too!

£20 which INCLUDES entry, and 8 free tokens to spend on food, beer or cocktails.  Just not on the hot tub 😉

Pick from two sessions; Boozy Brunch or Alfresco Disco.  We are trying to sell 1000 tickets over the day, so I’d love you to come and have some fun in the sun! It’s my first major event so your support would be awesome!

Link to tickets:


'Fuckin-A' Rooftop Terrace

‘Fuckin-A’ Rooftop Terrace

4th July Independence Day Tasting

For those of you who cant escape a bit of American love over the Independence Day weekend or are looking for a little more mental stimulation, my next tasting is a cracker.  We’ve got the space at the brand spanking new Social Kitchen over at Jenius Social in Holloway where the Chef Malcolm will be making some American gastronomic classics to pair with each American craft lager.

6 beers and 6 delicious dishes to blow your rocks off! These are beers which you certainly cannot find in your local.  Find out about the ‘state’ of US craft beer (excuse the pun) and how it is influencing the British beer industry.  These guys are way ahead of the curve, doing mind bogglingly awesome things which will change your whole perception of beer for good!

Tickets: £28 for 2 hours of mind blowing beer and food you want to bury your face in.

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Thanks guys

Heaven on a plate

Heaven on a plate



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