Cask Pub & Kitchen, Pimlico, SW1


Good for: great beer and good vibes with friends.
Food: Burgers

This pretty inauspicious looking bar is like your girlfriends ‘really pretty friend’. Not a great looker but great personality. You could easily walk past Cask without a second glance, but once you get over the awkward appearance and slightly unsightly exterior you’re sure to find a new BFF.

It has exactly what you’d expect from the guys from Craft Beer Co. chain of bars, namely great beer. There are 10 real ales on cask and a further 15 craft beers on tap which tend to have the good UK beer from likes of Thornbridge, Magic Rock and Dark Star as well as many smaller breweries on rotation. They get a good selection of London bottled craft beer (the new stuff from Anspach & Hopday, Kernel, Partizan, Brew by Numbers, Weird Beard) and hundreds of import bottles from USA and Europe (regular size and Bombers). The sheer choice can be overwhelming and so can the ABV of some of the beers. Warning: It can be a challenge to find anything less than 5%!

What I like about this place is the atmosphere. It is consistently buzzing with the good vibes of people hanging out with friends. It feels a little like you have the run of a school classroom with chairs packed in and assembled haphazardly as people spin them around an assortment of tables, but with absolutely no danger of getting a ticking off from the teachers. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and seem to blend into the crowd. It doesn’t attract the hipsters and there aren’t too many pretentious craft wankers… Nobody judges you on what you are drinking or what you are wearing.

If your peckish, the menu is small but the burgers (brought to you by Forty Burgers) are impeccable. The smell of them wafting across the bar is almost impossible to resist.


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