For Queen & Country! St George’s Day craft beer tasting

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Just launched!! Finally, a proper way to celebrate St. George’s Day!

Patriotic beer tasting countdown….Tick tock…. Clock is ticking until we can get down and celebrate St George’s Day! Don’t forget 15% discount to my followers if you book before 11/4. Get cracking!

Discount code: stgeorge

Want more info?

We English are a passionate bunch and thankfully so are our brewers. The current crop of English breweries are reinventing the traditional beer recipes which put us on the map as world champions of brewing. After a few years in retirement we are now combing modern technologies, crafty imagination and using some of our country’s highest quality ingredients to produce world-beating craft beer.

This tutored beer tasting will celebrate the best of English beer teamed up with with classic English bar snacks which will want to make you scream “I love England”. We will be proudly waving the Flag of St George and toasting the best of our country’s most popular beverage!

What better way to celebrate the festival of our Patron Saint. Hurrugh!

Price includes all beer and bar snacks paired with each beer. Advance tickets only.


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