Pub Watch: The Lighthouse Battersea

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Pub Watch
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The Lighthouse, Battersea

Good for: Sunday lunch, newspapers, board games and great beer

The Lighthouse, Battersea

The Lighthouse, Battersea

Predictably, I chose to take my parents here for Sunday lunch since I saw they had fantastic beer. Surprisingly, it was the food which stole the show. I was utterly blown away by the quality of their Sunday lunch. Great thick slabs of mouthwatering beef, piles of fresh vegetables and a headline grabbing Yorkshire pudding. The pork belly was also beautiful and the soup thick, creamy and delicious. Based off the quality of the main courses it also proved difficult to avoid having a pudding. Sign of a good restaurant when you just HAVE to try it!

Ok, so back to the beer… The Lighthouse also is not tied, so it also boasts a great beer selection. Around 5 cask ales, alongside a great bottle selection including beers from USA (Odell), Australia (Little Creatures), numerous Belgium beer and some good local brews from Camden and Beavertown.

The Sunday we were there, it was full of young Battersists, kicking back absorbing the newspapers, playing board games or celebrating with a pint after a hockey match. They had a pianist tinkling some jazzy tunes in the background which all combined to create a fun, friendly but chilled Sunday vibe.

Come for the Sunday lunch, try the beer and if you can’t manage the whole meal, it’s a dog friendly pub so you can always slip it to Rex under the table.

check it out here


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