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Posted: December 17, 2013 in Beer Tasting
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I was kindly invited to put on an informal beer tasting at the December Startup Grind event for startup entrepreneurs at Google Campus…. Just the ticket to inspire some unsuspecting hipsters, hackers and hustlers t0 drink some incredible craft beer (in case they needed any convincing!).

Can I have some more beer please?

Can I have some more beer please?

Must have craft beer available at networking events... its thirsty work!

Must have craft beer available at networking events… its thirsty work!



The idea was to offer a relaxed beer tasting experience in a networking session, which would also be a great ice breaker and get people nattering about how much they enjoyed  (hopefully) the beer and what aromas and taste’s they were experiencing.  There was massive interest in the Indie Ales beer stand, where we were offering free Fourpure Brewery craft beer.   It was even more incredible to see the reactions of those unfamiliar with good tasting beer, goofy smiles and cheshire cat grins all round.

Some great techniques on display

Some great techniques on display

The Fourpure Session IPA, is a lovely, refreshing drinkable IPA (4.2%) with great fruity aroma from the American Crystal and Cascade hops. It really suprised everyone with the aromatic fruity notes and drinkability, a great intro to IPA’s for the lager drinker and went down well with the females as well!

Exhibit (a) : 1 x Fourpure Session IPA

Exhibit (a) : 1 x Fourpure Session IPA

The IPA started off as my outright favourite, but switching onto the Fourpure Oatmeal Stout a little later into the tasting, in a clear bid to swing some attention towards to darker brew, it really grew on me.  It was really pleasing for me to see some people take to the darker beer straight away.  It found an immediate affinity with chocolate and coffee lovers who were smacked by the dark delicious flavours and many people were shocked at the drinkability and tastiness in comparison to other more prevalent Irish Stouts!

I really hope I was able to inspire a few people to convert to brilliantly tasty craft beer.  High five to StartupGrind for getting me down and for everyone at the event for giving it a go!

Respect to Fourpure for the incredible beer, it is now available in various locations in London and you can purchase the beer from the Brewery’s website:

BIG thanks to Peter Alberti photography for the great images of beer!

Did anyone order cheeeeese?

Did anyone order cheeeeese?


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